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About Us

Brand Story

Towards the end of 2014, Vincent and Jenny started Blessed Vision in the suburb of Kensington, which was relocated shortly after to a new space beside Forest Hill shopping centre. At its origin, the studio was dedicated to offering photography services for newlyweds and weddings. Whether near or far, local or overseas, our clients would travel to the studio for the vision and creativity that Blessed Vision offered.
By the start of 2016, we moved again to the suburb of Camberwell, going from a small studio space to the main street shopfront of an established studio location. At the same time, we devoted ourselves to the one on one personalized service, as well as the pursuit of excellence in photographic skills and creativity. Because of this, we had our schedules full and our diaries booked out. Our clients started spreading the word around through word of mouth and Blessed Vision quickly turned into a studio with a niche label with a decent following. No longer were our services limited to weddings and pre-wedding shoots as we began expanding into other fields as our members were growing bigger and stronger together.

Prewedding Photography

In our strive to achieve perfection and to source the inspiration to create, Blessed Vision destination photography has covered the whole of Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, the Indonesian island of Bali, Maldives, Japan, Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, Turkey, and Iceland … etc. Blessed Vision is one of Australia’s most experienced teams in terms of destination photography. We will await you at the world’s most beautiful places. Our services not only cover pre-wedding photography, we also provide short video services. Using our camera to record your whole journey, creating a love story that is one of a kind to you.

Wedding Photography

With a perception of love and a knowledgeable grasp of the human emotions – Blessed Vision studios are documentation of your truest feelings and experiences. We discover an air of poetic romance in wedding videography, and through our lenses, we bring you the organic sentimental moments. Photography the process of the wedding Is in a sense, a ceremonial and spiritual consolidation of the whole experience. We preserve the memories which live only in your mind through the frame of each photo. As days go past quickly, so do the days of your wedding. We use the magic of light and shadow to conserve the most beautiful of you during the wedding. As the memory will age just like that as wine in an aged barrel, with grace and elegance.

Pet Photography

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Professional Portrait

We understand that in life, there are many moments to be recorded, many sentiments to be saved and much beauty to be preserved. The maternity photos documenting a mother with her ten month baby bump to the first cry of her newborn; professional photos documenting university graduations and the first step into society, dressed up head-to-toe ready to go yet filled with the feeling of anxiety and uneasiness; the immaturity newly faded from a child entering adolescent as unfamiliarity strikes as they apply the lipstick for the first time ; a family portrait, freezes the moment of all family members united and together, for an eternity; as well as other irretrievable moments that flow by along with the length of time. Blessed vision photography will be a part of your life as we grow alongside you, recording every bits and pieces that are apart of your life.

Commercial Service

The studio hosts a team of professional and reliable photographers as well as post-production equipped with the most high-end photographic equipment, 400 square meter indoor photo shoot range, as well as the most on-trend creative techniques. Our team is highly trained and professional in every aspect and will work with you to achieve whatever your desired outcome may be. The scope of our commercial services operation includes: e-commerce product shooting, commercial advertisement shooting, fashion photography, magazine photography, videography, as well as post-production editing.

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Our Studio Location

236-238 Bridge Road, Richmond Melbourne, VIC, 3121, Australia


By Tram: Route 75, Bridge Rd/Church St.
By Car: Parking Available at Front
Phone: (03) 9428 5357 / +61 421 564 831

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